Wednesday, January 2, 2019

People of Color Presenting at AAS 233

CSMA is proud to highlight presenters at the January 2019 AAS meeting who identify as People of Color.  Please direct any additions, corrections, and feedback to astronomyincolor [at]

** Indicates that this person is applying for the Next Level (grad school, postdocs, etc)

Monday, January 7


** Bryan Terrazas (University of Michigan)
Graduate student
106.04D: The Role of Black Hole Feedback in Suppressing Star Formation in Central Galaxies

** Ekta Patel (University of Arizona)
Graduate student
106.06D: Revisiting the Dynamical History of the Local Group in the Era of High Precision Astrometry 

Aomawa Shields (UC Irvine)
103.07: Hydrohalite Salt-albedo Feedback Could Cool M-dwarf Planets

Ka'iu Kimura (Imiloa Astronomy  Center of Hawaii)
Institute Director
101 Plenary Lecture: A Color Out of Space: ‘Oumuamua’s Brief and Mysterious Visit to the Solar System

** Yashashree Jadhav (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Graduate student
116.02: Monsters on the move: A search for supermassive black holes undergoing gravitational wave recoil

Know Your Power (Lauren Chambers, Nicole Cabrera Salazar, Lía Corrales, Dara Norman)
Special session


Qiana Hunt (University of Michigan)
Graduate Student
144.31: Find the Quenching Mechanism of a z ~ 0.7 Post-Starburst Galaxy

Erin Flowers (Princeton University)
Graduate Student
140.29: Getting to Know Your Star: A comparison of analytic techniques for deriving stellar parameters and abundances 

** Elizabeth Teng (Haverford College)
153.12: Pipe it up: How NICER Data Filtration Methods Affect Time-of-Arrival Accuracy

** Osase Omoruyi (Yale University)
154.03:  A WISE GLIMPSE of Star Formation in the Outer Milky Way 

Lauren Chambers (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Postbac Analyst
157.12: Preparing for JWST Commissioning Calibration and Science with the Multi-Instrument Ramp Generator (MIRaGe)

** David Zegeye (Haverford College | University of Minnesota)
151.02: Probing Additional Gravitational Lensing Effects of Supernova iPTF16geu

** Diego Garcia (Middlebury College)
163.02: Determining the Evolutionary Status of HD 166191

** Marcell Howard (Case Western Reserve University)
145.08: : Probing the Evolution of Galaxies by Stacking Stellar Mass

** Aylin Garcia Soto (MIT/Wesleyan University)
Postbac/Research Assistant
154.12: Different Observational Properties of the Leading and Trailing Edges of the KH 15D Circumbinary Ring

** Prasiddha Arunachalam (Rutgers University)
Graduate Student
150.12: A HST study of the proper motion of the forward shock of 0509-67.5: a supernova remnant in the LMC

Gaby Sanchez (UH Manoa)
144.13: Testing a Dust-Immune Metallicity Diagnostic in Nearby Metal-Poor Dwarf Galaxies with Far-Infrared Spectroscopy

** Karen Perez  (Cornell University)
149.11: A Method for Mitigating Jitter Noise in Pulsar Timing

** Sophia Singh (University of Southern California)
Graduate student
157.01: Thermal Blocking Filters for Infrared Applications

Nicole Arulanantham (University of Colorado Boulder)
Graduate Student
163.11: Tracing Inner Disk H2 and CO in Protoplanetary Systems with HST-COS 

Tuesday, January 8


Antonio J. Porras (Vanderbilt University)
Graduate student
230.05: Dissecting the Anatomy of Bulge and Disk Dominated Galaxies through DARK SAGE

** KeShawn Ivory (AAS Site Visit Oversight Committee + Rice University (alma mater)), Post-bacc
Nicole Cabrera Salazar (Movement Consulting)
Town Hall: Climate Site Visit Town Hall

J. Sebastian Pineda (CU Boulder)
204.03: FUMES: Simultaneous Optical and UV Spectroscopy of an M-dwarf Flare

Eileen Gonzales (CUNY Graduate Center | AMNH | Hunter College)
Graduate Student
218.07 (Beth Brown Talk): A Reanalysis of the Age of TRAPPIST-1

Gibor Basri (UC Berkeley)
Faculty (semi-retired)
219: Report of the 2018 AAS Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education

** Joey Rodriguez (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
218.01: A Compact Multi-Planet System With A Significantly Misaligned Ultra Short Period Planet

** John F. Wu (Rutgers University)
Graduate student
230.03: Gas and galaxy evolution in extreme z ~ 1 clusters and extreme z ~ 0.2 starbursts


** Ashley L. Walker  (Chicago State University | Johns Hopkins University)
255.02: Infrared Transmission and Reflection of Titan Aerosol Analogues Under Vacuum

** Russell Van Linge (UC San Diego)
259.3: Tuning Into Brown Dwarfs: Long-Term Radio Monitoring of Two Ultra-cool Low-Mass Binaries

Romy Rodriguez (The Ohio State University)
Graduate student
259.45: Finding Flares on M dwarfs with ASAS-SN

** Pa Chia Thao (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Post baccalaureate
247.23: The Young Exoplanet K2-25b: Flat Spectrum and High Eccentricity 

Eileen Gonzales (CUNY Graduate Center | AMNH | Hunter College)
Graduate Student
259.01: Is TRAPPIST-1 a Unique M-dwarf Host Star?

** Jennifer Strafford (The Ohio State University)
258.14: The Age Evolution of Radio Morphology of Supernova Remnants

Yssavo Camacho-Neves (Rutgers University)
Graduate student
258.06: Spectral divergence of the Type Iax Supernova SN 2014dt 

** Junellie González Quiles (University of Maryland - College Park)
Undergraduate Student 
247.2: Prioritizing Exoplanet Targets for Atmospheric Study using NASA’s TESS Mission

Dhanesh (DK) Krishnarao (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Graduate Student
257.02: Online Astronomy Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison 

** Leonardo Ruales  (Stony Brook University )
261.03: Quantifying the Lensing Power of Cosmic Telescopes

** Nicel Mohamed-Hinds (Stanford University)
261.12: Using Machine Learning to Predict the Masses of Galaxy Clusters

Dhanesh (DK) Krishnarao (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Graduate Student
267.03: Ionized Gas Near Galactic Center: Physical Parameters and Mass Estimates

Wednesday, January 9


Laura Mayorga (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
326.06: Cassini Phase Curves of the Galilean Satellites and Implications for Direct-Imaging of Icy Exoplanets 

Ferah Munshi (University of Oklahoma )
351.21: Into darkness: what the MARVEL-ous Dwarf simulation can tell us about star formation

Erin Cox (Northwestern University )
320.07: Using ALMA to push the limits of mapping magnetic fields in protostars

Carlos Eduardo Munoz Romero (Grinnell College)
301.05: Characterizing Exoplanets with SKYWALKER: An Open Source Multi-Model Spitzer Self-Calibration Pipeline

Malena Rice (Yale University)
Graduate student
302.02: An Occultation Network as a Detector of Distant Solar System Objects

Hwihyun Kim (Gemini Observatory)
Assistant Scientist
342.03: Selection and Identification of LEGUS cluster candidates 


Mia de los Reyes (Caltech)
Graduate student
366.03: Revisiting the Integrated Star Formation Law

** Danielle Rowland (Columbia University / STScI)
351.01: Satellite Galaxy Characteristics in the SAGA Survey 

** Evan Haze Nunez (California State Polytechnic University - Pomona | Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
364.16: Using Distant Galaxies to Constraing the Ionizing Photon Budget of Massive Stars

Rodolfo Montez Jr. (Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian)
364.13: XMM-Newton observations of the AGB star chi Cyg and post-AGB star U Mon

Sinclaire Manning (The University of Texas at Austin)
Graduate Student
368.08: Radio Morphologies of Dust Obscured Starbursts in the SuperCLASS Field 

Betsy Hernandez (Princeton University )
Post baccalaureate 
369.18:  Migration of Embedded Black Holes in Active Galactic Nucleus Disk Simulations

** Sierra Garza (California State Polytechnic University - Pomona)
359.06: First Steps Investigating the Relationship between Solar Surface Magnetic Field and Coronal Soft X-Ray Spectra

Lina Florez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
363.22: Characterizing OH Sky Spectra Using SDSS BOSS Data 

Tharindu Jayasinghe  (The Ohio State University )
Graduate Student
360.06: Constructing an all-sky catalog of bright variable stars with ASAS-SN

** Tenley Hutchinson-Smith (Spelman College)
348.2: Variability of Hundreds of X-ray Binaries

** Oscar Cantua (The University of Texas at San Antonio)
Undergraduate student
368.07: The old the red and the dusty

Aleezah Ali  (University of Washington )
Undergraduate student
348.12: Optical and Infrared Observations of the T Tauri Binary KH 15D

** Bayu Wilson (University of Washington)
355.1: The Lyman-beta Power Spectrum from the XQ-100 Legacy Survey

** Marcus Dupont (Florida State University)
359.04: Comparative Study of the Solar Wind: Modeling Charge State Distributions in the Heliosphere

Thursday, January 10


** Natalia Guerrero (MIT)
Research associate
423.03: TESS Objects of Interest Catalog for Sectors 1-4 of the TESS Mission
** Amber V. Britt (Fisk University)
Master’s Student
402.06: Coronagraph Simulations with LUVOIR and HabEx: A New Era of Exoplanet Characterization

Ray Sharma (Rutgers University)
435.04: Hungry Heart: Black Holes in Simulated Dwarf Galaxies

Catherine Espaillat (Boston University)
Assistant professor
421 Plenary Lecture: From Disks to Planets: Observing Planet Formation in Disks Around Young Stars

Theron Carmichael (Harvard University)
Graduate student
465.01: Exploring the Brown Dwarf Desert: Short-period substellar companions from the Kepler and K2 missions

** Gabriel Casabona (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Graduate student
456.07: Detonation Initiation in Type Ia Supernovae