Monday, January 8, 2018

People of Color presenting at AAS: Tuesday

We at Astronomy in Color are proud to highlight presenters at the January 2018 AAS meeting who identify as People of Color.  We'll be posting daily.  If you would like to be included, please fill out your information using this google form.  An itinerary has also been created on the AAS Meeting schedule page, go to View the Online Program and type in "People of Color" (case sensitive) as the itinerary name.  Select "view your itinerary" to see all presentations.

PoC Presentations on Tuesday, January 9


Quianah Joyce (University of the Virgin Islands)
107.08: "What is the difference between an ultra-long GRB and a long GRB?"

Rodolfo Montez (Smithosonian Astrophysical Observatory)
Staff Scientist
4:15pm, NASA Hyperwall
"Multiwavelength Views of the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution"


Jonisha Aubain (University of the Virgin Islands)
153.23: "Gamma-ray Burst X-ray Flares Light Curve Fitting"

**José Flores Velazquez (Cal Poly-Pomona / CIERA Northwestern REU)
136.04: "Star Formation Rate Indicators in the FIRE Galaxy Formation Simulations"

**Alexander Fortenberry (University of the Virgin Islands / TAURUS)
153.24: "Tackling The Dragon: Investigating Lensed Galaxy Structure"

Elizabeth Gutiérrez (University of Texas - Austin)
136.06: "Radio Interferometry with the SMA: Uncovering Hidden Star Formation in Our Extreme Galactic Center"

Betsy Hernandez (AMNH / NAC)
149.26: "Metallicities of z ~2 Galaxies From the 3D-HST Survey"

**Juan-Carlos Martinez (University of the Virgin Islands)
153.22: "Exploring the Pulse Structure of the Gamma-Ray Bursts from the Swift Burst Alert Telescope"

**Brian Merino (San Francisco State University)
149.13: "Clumpy star formation in gravitationally lensed galaxies at 0.5 < z <1.0"

**Chris Murphy (University of the Virgin Islands)
151.08: "Real-time Automatic Search for Multi-wavelength Counterparts of DWF Transients"

Winonah Ojanen (College of St. Scholastica / SDSS FAST)
149.60: "E+A Galaxy Properties and Post-Starburst Galaxy Evolution Data through SDSS-IV MaNGA and Illustris: A Co-Analysis"

**Adrianna Perez (Cal State - Dominguez Hills)
149.54: "Star Formation in Merging Galaxies Using FIRE"

**Francis Rivera (CUNY Lehman / AstroCom NYC)
158.12: "The Possibility That M dwarfs are Gamma Ray Emitters"

Niko Thomashow (Oberlin College)
136.10: Two-Decade Monitoring of MWC349 in Optical and Radio: New Results

David Zegeye (Haverford College)
149.20: "The Evolution of Galaxies Through the Spatial Distribution of Their Globular Clusters: the Brightest Galaxies in Fornax"


**Teresa Monsue (Vanderbilt University)
Graduate Student
158.07: "Multi-wavelength Observations of Solar Acoustic Waves Near Active Regions"

** R. Zachary Murray (Cornell University)
158.10: "Simulations of Tidally Driven Formation of Binary Planet Systems"

** This person is applying for the Next Level (grad school, postdocs, etc)

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