Tuesday, January 9, 2018

People of Color Presenting at AAS: Wednesday

We at Astronomy in Color are proud to highlight presenters at the January 2018 AAS meeting who identify as People of Color.  We'll be posting daily.  If you would like to be included, please fill out your information using this google form.  An itinerary has also been created on the AAS Meeting schedule page, go to View the Online Program and type in "People of Color" (case sensitive) as the itinerary name.  Select "view your itinerary" to see all presentations.

PoC Presentations on Wednesday, January 10


**Amruta Jaodand (University of Amsterdam)
Graduate Student
233.05D: "Transitional millisecond pulsars in the low-level accretion state" 


**Michael Bueno (Haverford College/ Banneker Aztlán Institute)
 257.16: "Tracing Cold Molecular Gas in Starburst Galaxies"

**Aracely Cobos (Cal State East Bay/CAMPARE/Carnegie Observatories)
252.11: Mapping the filaments in NGC 1275

 **Jorge Cortes (Columbia University)
246.19: "Probing LSST's Ability to Detect Planets Around White Dwarfs"

**Aylin Garcia Soto (Wesleyan University)
244.12: "Photometric Follow-up of Eclipsing Binary Candidates from KELT and Kepler"

**Tenley Hutchinson-Smith (Spelman College)
250.12: Visibility of Active Galactic Nuclei in the Illustris Simulation

 **Bethlee Lindor (Princeton University)
246.12: HAT-P-68b: A Transiting Hot Jupiter Around a K5 Dwarf Star

Raquel Martinez (University of Texas - Austin)
Graduate Student
 246.25: Searching for the Elusive Optical Photospheric Continuum of the Enigmatic Wide-Orbit Tertiary Companion to FW Tau with HET LRS2

**Roberto Moncada (CUNY City College of New York / AstroCom NYC)
251.01: "Gamma-ray Spectra of Starburst Galaxies"

 **Syeda Nasim (CUNY Hunter College / AstroCom NYC)
250.18: "Grinding Down Stars and Stellar Remnants Into Accretion Disks"

Angelica Rivera (Drexel University)
Graduate Student
250.24: Investigating Quasar Diversity using UV, X-ray, and Emission-line Properties

Bryce Van Ross (Cal State - Los Angeles)
246.22: Improvement on Exoplanet Detection Methods and Analysis via Gaussian Process Fitting Techniques

 **Ashley Walker (Chicago State University)
257.08: "Hydrogen Cyanide In Protoplanetary Disks"

** These people are applying to the Next Level (graduate school, postdocs, etc)


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