Wednesday, January 10, 2018

People of Color Presenting at AAS: Thursday

We at Astronomy in Color are proud to highlight presenters at the January 2018 AAS meeting who identify as People of Color.  We'll be posting daily.  If you would like to be included, please fill out your information using this google form.  An itinerary has also been created on the AAS Meeting schedule page, go to View the Online Program and type in "People of Color" (case sensitive) as the itinerary name.  Select "view your itinerary" to see all presentations.

PoC Presentations on Thursday, January 11


**Kirk Barrow (Georgia Tech)
Graduate Student
327.05D: "Caius: Synthetic Observations Using a Robust End-to-End Radiative Transfer Pipeline"
2:50 pm

Lia Corrales (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Einstein Fellow
429.06: "Modern Progress and Modern Problems in High Resolution X-ray Absorption from the Cold Interstellar Medium"

Jacob Luhn (Penn State: non-PoC student mentored by PoC Professor Fabienne Bastienne)
Graduate Student
303.03: "Radial Velocities of Subgiant Stars and New Astrophysical Insights into RV Jitter"
10:20 am

Moiya McTier (Columbia University)
Graduate Student
310.07: "Introducing Exotopography"
11:20 am

**Steven Villanueva Jr. (The Ohio State University)
Graduate Student
314.02D: "The DEdicated MONitor of EXotransits and Transients (DEMONEXT): a Robotic Observatory for Follow-Up of Transiting Exoplanets, Transients, and Time-Series Photometry"
10:10 am


Jarita Holbrook (University of Western Cape)
335.01: "The AAS Committee on the Status of Women: Then and Now and Where Do We Go from Here?"

Jarita Holbrook (University of Western Cape)
Q&A: Black Suns film screening
7:30 pm


Aurora Cid (CUNY - College of Staten Island / AstroCom NYC)
349.35: "Probing the Long Timescale Evolution of Magnetic Activity of Ultracool Dwarfs"

Lina Florez (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign)
362.07: "Characterizing Sky Spectra Using SDSS BOSS Data"

**Monica Gallegos (UC - Santa Cruz)
 347.19: "Tidal Disruptions of Main Sequence Stars: Inferences from the Composition of the Fallback Material"

Eileen Gonzales (CUNY Graduate Center)
Graduate Student
349.37: "Examining Cloud, Metallicity, and Gravity signatures in Brown Dwarfs"

**KeShawn Ivory (Rice University)
354.06: "Optimizing Methods of Obtaining Stellar Parameters for the H3 Survey"

**Jonathan Mercedes Feliz (CUNY Lehman College / AstroCom NYC)
 347.15: "Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxy Mergers"

Ferah Munshi (Vanderbilt University / University of Oklahoma)
340.10: "Marvel-ous Dwarfs: Results from Four Heroically Large Simulated Volumes of Dwarf Galaxies"

**Teresa Panurach (CUNY Hunter / AstroCom NYC)
349.01: "Blue Stragglers and Other Stars of Mass Consumption in Globular Clusters"

Jaimee-Ian Rodriguez (CUNY Hunter / AstroCom NYC)
340.13: "Simulating Supernovae Driven Outflows in Dwarf Galaxies"

Jennifer Stafford (The Ohio State University)
347.20: "Interactions of Stellar-Mass Black Holes Around Supermassive Black Hole Binaries"

**Jahreem Thompson (University of the Virgin Islands)
355.55: "Development of a New X-Ray Polarization Detection Device"

**JP Ventura (CUNY Hunter / AstroCom NYC)
349.39: "Investigating the Spectroscopic Variability of Magentically Active M Dwarfs In SDSS"

** These people are applying for the Next Level (grad school, postdocs, etc)

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